What Should I Pack in My Hospital Bag?

Updated: Feb 22

With each birth, what to pack in my hospital bag was always a big deal for me, and not something that was easily decided upon. Third times a charm, right?! Welp, it was for me! On this, anyways! With my third baby, I was finally able to make a list that included only the things that I actually needed & used. We stayed 2 to 3 days in the hospital, each time, with no complications. My husband did not pack a bag. He would stay with me day & night, but he would go home, for a couple of hours each morning, to shower, change, eat, and come back.

I packed one bag for me and a diaper bag for baby.

With my first 2 boys, I packed either a lot of stuff that I never used or I would forget something. I finally decided to make a list with #3. I tried my best to recall what I absolutely needed for myself and baby, and what I packed before that I never even touched, except to move out of my way to get to something else. I only wish I had’ve made this list before! It saved me a big headache. I always made sure I had most of everything packed & almost ready to go at least 2 weeks before my due date. That was plenty of prep time for me, each time, because I had to be induced all 3 times. My babies did not want to come out! My first one was born 6 days early, #2 was born on his due date, & #3 was born 6 days late. Whenever you decide to pack your bag, plan ahead to save you some time and stress! You will be glad you did!

So, for myself, I packed the normal hygiene routine stuff; toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo & conditioner, body wash & loofa, face wash, comb, and deodorant. I also packed lotion, pads, & flip flops, (I hate socks, but if you don't, fuzzy socks are great!), panties, PJs or nightgowns, and a robe. Chapstick and hand sanitizer, makeup and a brush & pony-tale holders were also great to have! I also packed at least 1 actual outfit, to wear home.

I packed a trash bag for dirty clothes and a few gallon size and sandwich size Ziploc bags for wet items. I made sure I had enough of everything for at least 3 days. I breastfed, so I wore a nursing bra and packed an extra one and nursing pads. The extras that I packed were a camera and video camera, of course you can just use your phone now days. I also made sure to have my cell phone and chargers and batteries for everything. I brought my purse, too. Just so I would have my usual stuff that I take everywhere. Though you can just through your wallet in with your bag, if you’d like. Just make sure to have your driver license (ID) & insurance card, (if applicable).

This brings us to baby’s diaper bag. I pretty much just packet the boys’ diaper bags just as I would if we were just going out and about. Except, I brought extras in a different size. I never knew how big, or in my case, tiny my babies would be, so I brought clothes in 2 different sizes. I packed (3) onesies/outfits in Preemie size & (3) onesies/outfits in New Born size. Plus a special “going home” outfit in Preemie & New Born sizes. I also packed (3) footed PJ sets in both sizes, Preemie & New Born. I also packed diapers in Preemie & New Born sizes, or size 1. Then I packed baby wipes, at least 3 blankets, (thickness or thinness depending on time of year), socks and hats. I also packed a grooming set, mainly for the brush and comb. I packed pacifiers, just in case. I also packed Vasaline, baby Q-tips, baby powder, and butt paste. Burp clothes and a Boppy came in handy while breastfeeding. Of course, we already had the carseat strapped in the backseat of our SUV. All this seemed just right. I did not pack to much, except for baby and the size he did not wear, which was usually the New Born, and I did not forget about anything.

Even though our hospital provided diapers, wipes, and a few other things we needed for baby, and the same brands, I still always like bringing my own. You never know when things change and they switch brands or something like that. I’d rather be prepared. Prepare for the worst, Pray for the best!

There you have it! What did you or do you have planned to pack in your hospital bag & diaper bag?

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