What's in a Name?

So, really. What is in a name? Actually, a lot! Your name is the first thing that teachers see before welcoming a new student. Your name is the first thing that interviewers read when they read your resume to decide if you are qualified for the job position. Your name is often one of the first words heard or spoken when you meet someone new. It is also, often, one of the first words spoken/heard in a phone conversation. It is the last thing written or read in a letter. Your name can speak volumes for how people perceive you. It can also be why one would wonder what your parents were thinking when they named you, LOL! Choosing that perfect name for each child is so very important. Some may choose meaningful names. Some choose fun names. Some choose just down right names that make no sense and leave everyone, even said child, wondering WHY?

Choosing a name for baby can be fun, but oh so stressful. Don’t let it the stress of it suck the fun out of it. Mama, if you are having a hard time choosing, read my list of helpfuls to help ease the naming pains.

  1. Include hubby.

He can be the biggest help or the biggest added pain. LOL! I did include my husband when we were choosing all 3 of our boys’ names. Hopefully, yours will be just as helpful. Include friends, family, or your other kids, as well. Make it fun!

  1. Make a list.

Make a list of all the names that you like/love. Mark through the ones that y’all decide “No” for, to keep track. Once you’ve decided on the first name, then put it with a middle name. I made a list with each boy. I started my lists before I knew what we were having. So, I had a list of boy names and a list of girl names. We had our names pretty much decided on for each gender by the time we found out what he was. We made a new list for each baby. I’m sure some of the names were probably from another time, but for the most part, each pregnancy had a separate list of baby names.

  1. Listen to the Name.

Repeat the name you plan on going with, several times if needed. Be mindful that this baby is stuck with this name forever. Please be kind! I know it is fun to choose names and say some names to be funny, but do you really want to name your child something that even he/she is going to be pretty upset with you over in their teen years, not just because they are a temper-mental teen, but because you didn’t listen to that name before you wrote it on that birth certificate? Ask yourself a few questions…. Would I be OK if this were my name? Will other mean kids make fun of him/her? Will he/she be able to pronounce their name properly? Will they be able to spell it? Is it a food product? Is it any kind of retail product? Just please be considerate. 😊

We named our first boy using a first name that I got from a TV show when I was in JR. High. My husband loved it and it went great with his middle name. His middle name is a family name from my husband and FIL. Our second son, we had a little more trouble with. This time we used the middle name of my Dad and Grandpa. Since we knew what middle name we wanted to use, choosing a first name was a little more difficult. But we finally found one we both liked. Our third son was even harder. We already used a family name on my husband’s side and a family name on my side. So, now what? Another boy. I just started with a list and added and crossed off names until we found a set that we loved. Even after 11, 7, & 2 years later, we are still happy with the names that we chose for each of our blessings!!

We would love to hear from you! How did you choose your baby’s name?

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