The Way he Looks at Me

Have you ever had someone look at you in a way that makes you smile from your heart all the way out? I have a very special guy that looks at me that way!! He is so smart and so very handsome & he gives the absolute BEST hugs & kisses!! He is my 11 month old baby boy!! Everytime my husband holds him, he always has his eyes on me. No matter where I go, sometimes, my husband has to carry our baby boy around right behind me. He does not let me out of his sight very often. When I hold him, he turns toward me and just smiles! Sometimes when he is down playing, he wants me to pick him up just so he can give me hugs & kisses, then he will go back to playing. Oh, and he loves my hair, too! The way he looks at me melts my heart every time. I do not remember our other boys looking at me quite like this one does. They all have been "Mama's boys" to an extent, but this one has been the biggest one. I love it! I also love the way that my older 2 boys still are not embarrassed to give me "Bye, bye sugars" no matter who is around to see; or at least they let me give them some. I know all of this sweetness won't last forever, so for now, I am going to cherish every bit of it!! I love being a boy mom!! Loud, wild, & messy, but so very sweet!!

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