So, When Should I Share the Big News?

So, you just found out you’re pregnant! Congratulations!!! You’re anxious, excited, and maybe even a little scared. Slow down, sit down, and breathe!! It’s OK to feel all kinds of emotions when you find out that you are pregnant! So, now that you know, who do you tell first and how soon? Well, that all depends on you! Obviously, you should probably tell hubby (Daddy to be) first, as soon as you find out. Some women wait until they are at least 12 weeks to share with family and friends. Some even earlier, such as after our 1st appointment when we get our 1st sonogram, or as soon as we find out at 4 weeks.This is totally up to you. If you have not already, now would be a great time to ask yourself a few questions and weigh the pros and cons of sharing your big news now or a little later.

Why share right away, or before you are 12 weeks? Excitement! Anxiousness! Nervousness! Support! Helpful tips and information! Sharing with family and friends right away can help ease some of the unwelcomed feelings of pregnancy, such as anxiousness and nervousness. Your family and friends, especially the females in your life that have been there, can support you the whole time and can share their experiences and helpful tips. Week 12 is the end of your 1st trimester, so morning sickness can really kick your rump. Maybe a family member or friend found a way to kick morning sickness’s rump! She can help a sister out by sharing her trick with you! Even though you can find tons of ways to deal with the morning sickness and other 1st trimester pregnancy things, having someone to talk to about it, in person, and having the physical support is so much better and cannot be compared to.

Why wait? Usually after the 1st trimester is over, the risk of miscarriage goes down. Some women wait to share with friends and family for numerous reasons, one of which is the risks are lower. Some may even feel embarrassed. Some women want to wait until they start “showing” that baby bump. Some because they are just that private and want to wait until they absolutely cannot hide it anymore. Some because they do not like what pregnancy does to their bodies. Whatever their reason, does not have to be your decision.

Pregnant women are BEAUTIFUL! No matter size, shape, color, age, or when your baby bump starts to show! There is nothing embarrassing about being pregnant, or not being able to stay pregnant! Whatever you decide, just keep in mind that sometimes, it is easier to deal with things with someone else to support us along the way. A husband can be that support, but sometimes, women and or Mamas just need another woman or Mama to help get through better!

What about you Mama? When did you share the big news!

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