My First Pregnancy

It was May 22, 2008. I had worked an early shift at The Home Depot. After work, I went home, took some Ibuprofen, and laid down for a nap. I had probably the worst cramps that I had ever had. They were bad enough that I even took medicine and took a nap. I despise taking any kind of medicine, especially pills, and I have never really been a napper. But this day, was different. I had a lovely nap, but it was suddenly interrupted by what the National Weather Service concluded to be a microburst. I was home alone. My husband is a truck driver and was still working at the time this microburst came through. Did I mention that I am terrified of storms? Not just nice thunderstorms, but high damaging winds, hail, and or tornadoes. So, you can imagine my panic and racing heart when I woke up to pouring down rain and heavy winds that made the trees bend over so far that they could almost touch the ground. I put my pants back on as quickly as I could and tried to locate my cell phone to call my husband to check on him. I had no idea what was happening! We did not have cable television at the time, so I could not watch the Weather Channel. My cell phone was pre-pay and I was out of minutes. But, thankfully, they still let you use your cell phone to add minutes. So, I did and was able to get a hold of my husband. He was fine. He was still working, and he had drove through some storms off and on that day, but nothing too bad. The National Weather Service stated that this microburst only impacted approximately 3.5 miles long to the northeast of the origin and 4 miles in width from one end of the damage swath to the other. My neighborhood was in the big middle of it. Trees were snapped and uprooted. Some trees fell on vehicles and homes. The winds had gotten up to 100 mph. I guess this event is the reason that, 11 years and 3 boys later, I remember my first pregnancy so well.

My husband and I were trying to get pregnant with our first child. But we understood that everything happens in God’s timing. So, we were OK if it did not happen right away. We had been married for almost a year. Five weeks and lots of prayers later, when I was a few days late for my next cycle, I knew why. I was very excited when I took a pregnancy test and the result was positive! But I was a little skeptical, also. I took two more just to be sure. I believe that was on a Friday. The following Monday, I called my OBGYN’s office to schedule my 8-week check-up. It did not take long for me to fall in love with being pregnant and my growing baby, mountain and all. I gained a lot of weight, but it was worth it. I had that pregnancy glow and long, beautiful, healthy, thicker, looking hair. That is the best my hair has ever looked. I did go through a couple of months where I felt sick but never actually got sick. That was the extent of my morning sickness. I found chewable prenatal vitamins to take. I was border line anemic, so I also had to take iron pills as well. Thankfully, they are so small, I did not have that much trouble getting those down. I just had to remind myself that it was for baby! I did not have any complications, except at the very end. In the last month, my blood pressure wanted to be a little high off and on. I had to monitor it. Thankfully, it did not stay high consistently or get too high. Also, I had to be induced a week early.

My baby boy was growing right on track at every appointment. My due date was February 26. The Thursday of the week before, when I went in for my normal check-up, we found out that baby boy was losing fluid. I had a tiny hole in the placenta and the amniotic fluid was slowly leaking out. My doctor was on call for the weekend and was scheduled to go out of the country the following week. He gave me a choice to either get a stress test to make sure that baby boy could handle delivery and let me check in that evening to be induced or to wait until the following Monday and see the doctor that would be covering for him and see where we were at that time. We decided that it would be best to check in that Thursday evening. Baby boy did great during the stress test. I left the doctor around 4. I was to go to the hospital at 7 that evening to check in and begin the inducing procedures. From the time we got there, checked in, settled in, and got everything started, baby boy finally arrived Friday night at 11:11 p.m. I did choose to get the epidural pretty early on. That Pitocin that they give to help with inducing, oh wow, I do NOT like that stuff at all. I tried just to do pain medicine through my IV, but that did not work very well. So, I went for the epidural. I was a little afraid to do this at first, but the contractions became unbearable for me. Looking back now, 2 more births later, I wish I would have not gotten the epidural or the pain medication. During labor, I slept in between contractions. I do not remember who came to visit or any of the conversations I may or may not have had. It was mostly a blur. When baby boy finally arrived and everything wore off, I felt much better. We were able to go home Sunday afternoon.

Once we got home and settled in, I fully expected to be in a lot of pain and have a hard time getting around. I took the given pain medication while I was in the hospital, but I never had to get any prescriptions filled after. Baby boy and I were doing great! He only weighed 6lbs 9oz when he arrived. He was perfect. He lost a few ounces before we went home, but it did not take him long to gain it back, plus some, once we got into a regular breastfeeding schedule. All the weight gain throughout pregnancy, all the hours and pain during labor and delivery, every bit of it was worth it! I did it 2 more times, and I would do it again and again if given the chance!

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