Listen to Your Mama!

Does your Mama always give you advice on how you should be parenting or breastfeeding baby? Or how you should be doing this or that? Well, let me tell you from personal experience. LISTEN to her! You may be grown and have kids of your own, but chances are, she knows exactly what she is talking about! Believe it or not.

In my teenage years, I was a typical, smart mouthed, thinking I knew everything and my parents, (mainly my Mom), didn’t know anything, teenager. In my early 20’s, I still had that mentality, somewhat. It was not until I was married and had my 2nd baby that I realized that my Mama really does know a lot. Especially when it comes to caring for children. After all, she did have 7 of us. I finally realized that she is probably a pro at raising kids, to say the least. My Mama is a very sweet lady. She has never been one to be “all up in my business.” Not really. With my first baby, I did take her advice and listen to her, but only after I had a 2nd opinion from a doctor or someone else. After my 2nd baby, it hit me. All these years, she was not trying to control me or my life, she was just being a great Mom and looking out for me, wanting what was best for me. As a snotty teenager, you never see that side of it. You only see it as being controlled. And how dare someone try to control you. Hindsight!!

When I finally understood “Mama Logic”, I called my Mama and actually apologized for my “rebellious” teenage years and for not listening to her sooner. Now, I have 3 boys and I call her for advice on just about everything that I second guess myself on. I always take what she says to heart. If she says “try this…”, I try it. I have learned over the years that she does know! Looking back, I see where if I had just listened, it would have saved me so much time, heart ache, and money, at times.

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