Kick Counts! What Are They & What Do They Mean?

What are kick counts? What do they mean? How do I count them? I am so glad you asked! Kick counts are so much fun! I loved counting them during all three of my pregnancies! It was one of my favorite parts of being pregnant! Kick counts are when you really pay attention to baby’s movements. Lay on left your side on the couch or bed or relax in your favorite recliner. I did this a lot at work, at my desk. The important part is just to be still, quiet, and just relax and enjoy baby’s movements! Most of the time I would continue working while I was counting movements. My boys were pretty active during the afternoon. I always used a page from my pregnancy journal. I would sit & feel for about an hour. Each time you feel baby kick, punch, flip, flutter, or any kind of movement, it counts as 1. This is to make sure that baby is moving healthily. Do not panic if you do not feel any movement. Baby may just be sleeping or not in the mood for moving a lot. You will learn what time of day is your baby’s most active times. Sometimes, you can get baby moving, or awake, by drinking a nice cold glass of ice water. Maybe try talking to baby. I’ve even tried gently moving my belly around to try to get a response. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not so much. Ten counts within an hour or less is considered normal!

How often should I do kick counts? You can start kick counts any time during pregnancy, of course starting from when you first feel baby move, quickening. But especially at 28 weeks and on. Do these at least once a day, everyday. On average, Mamas can expect to feel baby move for the first time between 16 and 25 weeks. There is always the few occurrences, especially with Mamas that have been pregnant before, who have felt baby move even earlier than 16 weeks. Baby may not be so active everyday that early, but should get more active as the weeks go by. Those kicks, though they may hurt at times, are so amazing to feel! All my boys went through a few weeks where they would sleep most of the day and be active at night when I was trying to sleep. So, what do you do when baby keeps you awake kicking and flipping at night? Kick counts!!

Always ask your doctor or midwife if you every have any concerns or questions.

What about you, Mama? Do you do kick counts?

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