Extended Breastfeeding...

So yesterday, my youngest baby boy turned 18 months old. Guess what! We are still breast feeding! It's still only at bedtime & over night, every night & nap time when I am not working & we are together. But we are still going. Sometimes it is a little hard, just because he still does not sleep through the night. He wakes up 1 to 3 times every night & most times he wants the boob! Those nights when it is more than once, I do not get a lot of sleep. But, then again, I have not really gotten a lot of sleep in almost 11 years. He started walking around 17 months old. I let our Pediatrician know, at his 12 month check up, that we were still breastfeeding then. She did not see a problem with it & said that he would probably slack when he started walking. That day came & went, and he has not slacked at all, compared to what he was already doing. I still really love our bonding time together during this time, but sometime I really am ready for him to be off the boob. We have adopted the "No Offer - No Refuse" method. This is where I do not offer it to him, but if he asks, I do not refuse him, either. He still eats normal food s pretty well. In fact, there are very few foods that he does not like or eat. He is much less of a picky eater than my other 2 boys. This makes the 3rd time that I set a stop goal for us & have passed it right on by. Six months turned in to 1 year, which turned in to 18 months, which is now whenever he is ready to stop or 2 years. We will see!!

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