Breastfeeding in Public

Picture this! You are grocery shopping with your husband and three sons. One of which is a 4 month old baby who is mostly breastfed and is not really liking a bottle yet. Baby starts to get fussy. He is hungry and he is letting you know the only way he knows how. You know his routine. He usually will feed for about 15 minutes then he is out like a light for about an hour. Not this time Mom! Y'all are in a public place and he is very curious about e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!! Still thinking that he will feed for only a short stint, you get the stroller & push it to the family bathroom while carrying your hungry & crying baby boy. You struggle to balance baby in one arm while attempting to out your "booby bobba" so you can feed your baby! Hubby has the other 2 boys & continues to grocery shop. You can relax for just a few minutes, knowing that for the moment everyone is taken care of. Ten to 15 minutes later, baby is asleep. Lay baby in the stroller long enough to hurry & put "booby bobba" up, adjust your boobs & fix your shirt. Baby is sleeping so peacefully, until you go back out into the grocery shopping world where it is not quiet by any means. Baby slowly wakes up & wants "booby bobba" , again! You do NOT want to hang out in the bathroom again! So what to do? Find a bench, put your cover on, or not, & get comfy feeding that baby!! So, once again, hubby ventures off with the other boys, finishing the grocery shopping. When he is done, he comes to check on Mama & baby. We are still on the bench breastfeeding. We head to the front of the store to find a checkout. Hubby is pushing shopping cart, oldest son is pushing the stroller, middle son is walking nicely with us, while Mama is walking & breastfeeding baby. We passed several people on the way up. We got some stares & strange looks, but nothing more. We passed men, women, and children. We are completely covered. When we get to the front, we walk by the rudest man. He actually says "gross" as he passes us. What is that? He is a grown man! It really makes me wonder if he was raised to respect women or is he just that clueless. I admit, I was nervous breastfeeding in public. It was my first time. But I made sure that my boob was completely covered, out of respect for others, unlike the "gross" man. I have made it a point to show & let my boys know that breastfeeding is natural and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, rather it be in public or not, and rather a Mama chooses to cover or not. I also make it a point that they learn to respect women as well as others. A Mama should never feel ashamed or embarrassed by breastfeeding their baby in public. They are giving their baby what they need! We should not be shamed or disrespected for that. I support breastfeeding anywhere, anytime!! Go Mama!!

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