Baby Registry Top 5

Here are my Top 5 favorite baby registry items. And WHY are they my most favorite items, out of EVERYTHING you can register for? Because they are the most functional and helpful. When it comes to kids, rather you have 1, 2, 3, or more, any hack you can find to make things easier is a welcomed blessing! It only took me 3 kids to figure this out. ☺

Coming in at number 5... Lots and lots of plain, or decorated, onesies. Even at home! Always make sure you have extras in your diaper bag for outings. Babies are super messy. No matter what age, really. Their diapers may leak or have a blow out. They spit up, or straight up puke at random. They spill things. Or Mama spills things. LOL!

Number 4...Lots of blankets. For all the same reasons as above for the onesies. But also because they protect baby from the weather. Too much sun, too windy, rainy or cold. Blankets are versatile like that. Make sure you have thin ones, thick ones, and soft and cozy ones. A good variety for any season is most useful. If you live in Texarkana, or surrounding areas, you never know what season you're gonna wake up to. LOL! TRUTH!

Number 3...Travel System. You need a rear facing car seat for at least the first year or 2, depending on your State Law. A stroller is always handy anytime you go anywhere, even to the grocery store. With a travel system you are sure that your car seat will fit and click perfectly in your stroller. NEVER place your baby and their car seat on a shopping cart. They can slide off very easily. You can put baby and carrier (rear facing car seat) IN the shopping cart, but who wants to push and pull 2 separate shopping carts at once? The easiest for me was to push the stroller, as they are easier to steer with one hand, and pull the shopping cart full of groceries, & or other child(ren).

This brings us to my number 2 most favorite thing to register for...Primo Baby Euro Spa Baby Bath and Changing Table.This was a life saver with my middle son. My back was not in the best shape after 2 babies and added weight. I absolutely loved my Euro Spa! You can bathe baby, while you stand, so there is no pressure on your back. Plus, after baby's bath, you can close the top to dry and dress baby. Enough said!

Now, to my very most favorite!! Number 1 of my Top 5 Faves....Boppy Nursing Pillow! I only used this with my 3rd son. I wish I used this with my other 2. Not really sure why I didn't. I was taking online college classes, and a few on campus classes, to finish my Bachelor's Degree when I was pregnant with my 3rd son. This nursing pillow was a game changer for breastfeeding him! That is probably one of the reasons I continued to breastfeed him until he was 19 1/2 months. It made studying and breastfeeding so convenient and easy.

So, there you have it! My Top 5 Favorite Baby Registry items and WHY! Figuring out what you should and should not register for can be a bit daunting, especially for a first time Mama. I hope this helps, even if its only a little bit!

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